Scott Boms

Who is Scott and what is this all about?

All about Scott

Scott Boms is a cross-disciplinary graphic designer, printmaker, sign painter, author, educator, speaker, and avid analog photographer. His work is grounded in the interplay between contemporary forms and traditional analog processes.

At the Analog Research Lab at Facebook, Scott’s work has been described as “the cultural heart and soul of the company.” It strives to influence diverse audiences by addressing an innate curiosity about the world and our place in it.

Scott’s work has been exhibited internationally at the Design Museum in London, Designmuseo, Helsinki, the Design Museum Den Bosch in the Netherlands, the Type Directors Club in New York, and has appeared in HOW, Fast Co, Wired, Offscreen, Tech Crunch, Inc, and Ad Week. Scott has co-authored several books, most recently, “Being Hear” with illustrator Fuchsia MacAree. He regularly speaks about design, analog creativity, and communications theory.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Scott lives in San Carlos, California.



Past clients include PayPal, Masterfile, HSBC, General Mills, Hyundai, FiveRuns, Toronto Life Magazine, Gingko Press, and the Estate of Marshall McLuhan. Scott also led Ligature, Loop & Stem, an award-winning purveyor of typographic miscellanea with fellow typography nerds Luke Dorny, Grant Hutchinson, and Carolyn Wood which is currently on hiatus.

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About this Site

This site has run on Movable Type since its inception back in 2003 and although it’s changed domains twice and moved around from one web host to another, it’s finally found the right home at Linode.

P.S. Scott is not currently accepting freelance projects and apologizes for talking about himself in the third person. It’s weird, isn’t it?