Scott Boms

Markdown Syntax Cheatsheet

In the hope of solving my own problem, I put together a straightforward cheat sheet for John Gruber’s Markdown text formatting software. The cheat sheet, available in PDF format has been designed for 11×17 printers though it will scale happily to 8.5×11 size for those wanting a smaller-scale version. Print it out, hang it on your wall, share it with your friends.

I’m considering revising it to include more extensive, in-context examples though comments and suggestions will help lead me either way.

Download the Markdown Cheat Sheet (PDF format)


There was a minor typo that I missed in version 1.0 and which has since been corrected. Version 1.0.1 is now available for download above.

Markdown is copyright John Gruber.

So say you…

That Markdown sure looks good. I’ve been setting up a mailing list manager for local Vancouver arts groups that gives HTML/plain-text messages. After following your post, I think this might make my life a lot easier.

Justin Justin March 18, 2004