Scott Boms

Install The W3C Validator On Mac OS X

Apple recently posted a great tutorial on their Developer Connection site on how to get the W3C HTML Validator running locally on Mac OS X. If you want or have a need for local access (particularly when offline) to the validator tool, I recommend following along and setting it up on your own systems.

The process involves checking out the project from CVS, updating a few files included in a provided disk image, editing your Apache configuration file, installing OpenSP and a number of required Perl modules and lastly a missing library in Mac OS X called libiconv.

Additional instructions, especially related to Perl can be found at David Wheeler’s site.

So say you…

The real update here is that I can verify that the tutorial from Apple does indeed work fine (or at least I was able to get the validator up and running locally myself).

The only part that bothered me was using Fink for the OpenSP software. I tried compiling it manually and it didn’t fly. If I knew more about debugging those kind of things I could probably have gotten it to work. Oh well.

Scott Scott July 23, 2004

Fink smells funny, so I tried to download the OpenSP source from sourceforge… But the download link just kept timing out. Rats. From your post comment here, it looks like I might be wasting my time there anyway. Boooo.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep trying.

Phil Sherry Phil Sherry July 23, 2004