Scott Boms

Putting Up The Scaffolding

After nearly two very long years, I’m finally done and satisfied with the identity work for Wishingline Design Studio, Inc. and although you won’t see it in place here for a while now, it is coming. My big realization out of all of this has been that it’s amazing how so much time can pass before you really have the time, energy and inspiration to buckle-down and get to work when so many other things are beating at your door.

Wishingline Design Studio, Inc. identity mark
Wishingline Design Studio, Inc. identity mark

During the nearly two years I’ve tinkered with this, I hummed and hawed over whether or not to retain a bonsai tree as part of the identity. That was my original intention at least but instead I went in the opposite direction and ended up with something abstract.

While the triple “w” visually resembles a sine wave — indicating movement or “flow”, it also permits a direct connection to the blog title “On A Long Piece Of String” just as it could easily be a piece of string. It’s simple and, at least in my eyes, vastly different from a lot of what else is out there in the general web design world. It’s also kind of fun just to stare at — you’ll go a bit cross-eyed staring at it too long though.

My intention with slipping this out is to begin the process of documenting the design and development of the actual, honest-to-goodness Wishingline Design Studio, Inc. site — design concepts all the way through to the final site launch. I’m not entirely sure to what extent this will happen as it depends on, at least in part, on general interest.

So what do you think of the logo? Smash? Trash?

So say you…

Well, as a semi-regular visitor and someone with a very amateur interest in graphic and web design, I’d be very interested in seeing the development process documented on here - especially how the identity work is coming along. So please go for it!

Love the logo. It took me a moment to see the “w”s, but my brain got there after registering electrical flex, the bottom of a potato masher and a piece of string…

Jon Hardisty Jon Hardisty February 16, 2005

I love that logo! Simple, memorable, and opens itself up to be used as a brand on a variety of formats. Nice work!

Jon Hicks Jon Hicks February 16, 2005

wow. well done. I can almost picture you slowly removing bits and cutting away for two years, to get to this point. jon’s right, this is perfect for branding - it could go anywhere and look great.

Kevin Finlayson Kevin Finlayson February 16, 2005

I’m debating scanning in some of the concept work to attach to the post and perhaps a few treatment ideas. Maybe people will find it interesting. It was a frustrating progression until the lightning bolt struck and then it was like a massive fog was lifted.

I hadn’t felt like I’d had one of those moments in a long time and it sparked a bit of a creative streak which has spilled over into The Darns and some other as-yet-unannounced projects.

Scott Scott February 16, 2005