Scott Boms

Fixes And Updates In The Works

There are still a number of major outstanding issues lingering following our May 1st Reboot launch (technically May 2nd, but who’s counting…). We are actively tracking down the Movable Type issues we experienced immediately following stage one of the launch plan (backing up the existing server data). Hopefully these bugs which generally affect us more than you will be resolved shortly.

On the plus side, now that we’ve had some time to sleep and recover from what was one of the longest nights we’ve had in a long time, the ‘…On A Long Piece Of String’ blog is back up and running and should be accessible from both its old location and new home thanks to the magic of symbolic links. They really saved the day this time.

Rounding Applause

Thanks to all the cool cats (not literally, though we could tell you a story about an ice-cold cat) who wrote to us today and who stopped by to look around the site — there’s been a lot of you and that makes up very happy. Come back again soon!

Look for a big blog design update sometime in the coming weeks (hopefully sooner rather than later) along with improved site code happiness, software distractions and more.