Scott Boms

Hollywood Here I Come

It’s amazing how quickly time has flown by since the last time I posted anything. I took a quick glance this morning before getting into the thick of things and noticed that it’s been nearly two weeks. That seems like a rather long time.

It’s not that I haven’t done any writing for this part of the site, it’s just all sitting in the editing bin waiting to be finished while I tackle ongoing work, new business, rehearsing and trying to find a few precious moments to spend with the incredibly patient and understanding wife first. Having your priorities in place can be a good thing you know.

In the brief moments where I’ve had a chance to breathe (and sleep), my mind still ponders all the things that haven’t had the attention they deserve and the things that haven’t even been started yet.

A scene from Copy Goes Here, a film by Coudal Partners
A scene from Copy Goes Here, a film by Coudal Partners

I did manage to cross one small item off the list today — Wishingline Design Studio, Inc. is now an official Executive Producer of ‘Copy Goes Here’, a new movie being produced by those fun and smart peeps at Coudal Partners.

Film is a great thing — sure I hate being on film or having my picture taken for that matter, but getting a chance to somehow, even indirectly be involved in the making of a movie sounded like a great idea. Considering I didn’t really want to direct (or act) — being a suit seemed like a welcome alternative.

Now, where’s my damn trailer…?