Scott Boms

Playing with phpFlickr

I’ve spent the last couple days hacking around with phpFlickr for a project I’m working on. phpFlickr is a PHP wrapper class written by Dan Coulter which implements all of the available Flickr API calls and makes developing around Flickr fairly easy. Not really simple, but not too bad if you know what you’re doing.

The class also incorporates the ability to cache the API method calls locally to either the filesystem or a database to speed things up which is a nice touch and can really help with the overall performance. I’m going to be using the class extensively throughout the site I’m currently developing and will be incorporating some of that work later in this site as well.

If there’s any interest, I could be persuaded to post a few examples on how to use the class here once things wrap up and I can breathe again. Just drop a note in the comments.

On a side note, is it just me or is the FlickrExport plug-in for iPhoto busted? I’ve got the latest release installed and it hasn’t been working right for a while now. It probably is just me ;)

So say you…

I used FlickrExport 1.0b36 to upload nearly 50 photos to Flickr on Saturday night, where 1001 failed to import them (and all the other uploaders don’t have enough in the way of resize/tagging/privacy options). So yes, it probably is just you.

I’d also be interested in the PHP Flickr examples. Previously I’ve used the Perl Flickr::API module, but only in little one-off scripts. The caching in the PHP version sounds interesting.

Paul Mison Paul Mison November 14, 2005

Its very broken for me too. I’ve been using the official ‘Flickr Uploader’ and thats been working fine.

Jon Hicks Jon Hicks November 14, 2005

Hey Jon, glad to know it’s not just me. I’m wondering if trashing some preferences might help. Short of that I don’t know what else to try that I haven’t.

I’ve played around with uploading by e-mail to get around the problem until Frasier gets a chance to release a new version rather than install yet another bloody app onto my already bloated system.

Scott Scott November 14, 2005

Paul - I’ll try to put together a couple examples of using the phpFlickr class. Something a little different than the sparse examples on the project site.

Scott Scott November 14, 2005


I’m glad to hear that you’re using my class. My plan is to extend the documentation significantly. I’m not sure how fast that will happen, but it’ll happen sooner or later. Are there any specific examples you’d like to see?

If you have any feature or example requests, feel free to let me know. If you post in my forums, I’ll be happy to post example code there.

Dan Coulter Dan Coulter November 22, 2005

Hey Dan,

Sounds good. Once I wrapped my head around the APIs it was pretty easy. The biggest reason I liked the phpFlickr classes was that they made it easy to do calls without having to pass complex query strings between pages in order to get results. This has been especially important as we’re including small badges of photos based on tags throughout the site I’m working on as well as building a full-fledged gallery.

While I’m sure there’s some small improvements I could make to further optimize some of the code I’ve written, using the class made my life A LOT easier.

If I think of anything specific that would be good to include in the docs or as an example, I will certainly let you know.

Scott Scott November 22, 2005