Scott Boms

Toronto Life Redesign

Toronto Life, a 40-year veteran of magazine racks in Toronto and across Canada launched the latest incarnation of the magazine’s companion site, today featuring both a whole new front-end built upon web standards.

Wishingline Design Studio, Inc. was approached in late February to assist the online team from publisher, St. Joseph Media in pulling together the new site design and implementing it using lean XHTML and CSS. The new design nicely complements the print edition of the magazine and brings a simple modern and appealing esthetic to one of the staples of life in Toronto.

So say you…

Wow. I’ve never seen anything like this from you. You’re growing up! Congratulations.

Michael Simmons Michael Simmons April 5, 2006

I like it alot. Are they using a custom CMS or something else?

The only comment I would hace is about the mass amounts of whitespace. I’m sure it was their choice but using something other than #FFF would have helps a little bit. Or maybe even a few really subtle gradients on some of the sections.

Brad Brad April 5, 2006

I had no idea the new site had Django under the hood until it showed up on the Django wiki.

Just curious: did you guys work with the Django templates at all or did you hand off HTML/CSS to the developers?

Wilson Miner Wilson Miner April 6, 2006

I worked primarily with plain vanilla XHTML/CSS and then handed that off to the in-house guys at the publisher who spent many sleepless days and nights handling the conversion/integration with Django. I spent an afternoon with them to help resolve a few issues and get things together so they could meet their launch date.

The gang at the publisher are a great group who should be very proud of the site. I’m very pleased with the results and hope it’s a good stepping stone to move their other online publications towards web standards.

Scott Scott April 7, 2006