Scott Boms

FiveRuns Systems Management In Beta

Since March, Wishingline Design Studio, Inc. has been working with Austin, Tx based FiveRuns and UI/interaction designer Theresa Neil to design the front-end interface for their premier hosted web application along with other components such as their public-facing website and marketing e-mails.

After countless hours of design, coding, squashing bugs and making general improvements we’re proud to announce that the FiveRuns application has been rolled out for the first round of beta testing, primarily focused on overall UI interaction and general usage.

There’s still plenty of room for improvement and feedback from users to ensure we release a solid application that stays true to the pragmatic approach while also pushing the boundaries of the systems management application market space.

A big tip of the JBM mug to the FiveRuns team and all who had a part in getting us this far!