Scott Boms

My Beef With Firefox

Don’t get me wrong, Firefox is a great browser as are its numerous offspring, but like competitive browsers such as Safari and Internet Explorer, it has its own set of quirks and anomalies to frustrate web designers and developers.

Firefox scrollbars
Absolutely positioned scrollbars within Firefox

My current gripe is the way scrollbars are handled in relation to absolutely positioned elements. Simply: they’re not handled well.

The problem is that if you attempt to position an element (such as a DIV) above another element which has `overflow: auto` set and a lower z-index value, the scrollbar from the lower element pokes through the element with the higher z-index as you can see in the screenshot. Ugly.

Safari gets it right and there’s no show-through of the scrollbar since the z-index values seem to be honoured correctly. Heck, even IE6 gets it right.

I’ve scoured countless pages via Google looking to see if there’s an answer to this and haven’t found one. Even the latest build of Bon Echo, Firefox v2 still contains this bug/quirk.

The worst part is that I’m not even sure what the problem is other than its specific to Mozilla-based browsers. Is it an XUL problem? General CSS spec implementation problem? Something else…?