Scott Boms

Design is more than choosing nice fonts

Jon Hicks and Shaun Inman made me do it. I couldn’t bear to use Helvetica (too obvious), and since that would probably be considered contrary to the message, it’s Paralucent for this one.

Design is more than choosing nice fonts
Design is more than Choosing Nice Fonts desktop wallpaper

Download the Desktop (2560 × 1600 JPEG)

So say you…

Ye Gads, its a meme!! :D

Jon Hicks Jon Hicks September 13, 2006

Look what you’ve started Jon!

Shaun Inman Shaun Inman September 13, 2006

This is fun!

I use the changing random wallpaper feature and so these are all going into my wallpaper folder.

Jina Bolton Jina Bolton September 13, 2006

I almost just did the desktop just for myself too. Sorry Jon ;-) Let the silliness ensue!

Scott Scott September 13, 2006

Not only is it a meme, it’s now a monster.

Dan Rubin Dan Rubin September 13, 2006

i just had to pitch in

Inge Jorgensen Inge Jorgensen September 13, 2006

haha wishingline. You just made ironic site of the day:

All in good fun of course but ahem update your CSS maybe ;-)

iamshimone iamshimone September 20, 2006

Cool! I like it! ;-)

Erika Erika September 24, 2006

Cool! ;-)

Erika Bastos Verginelli Erika Bastos Verginelli September 24, 2006