Scott Boms


While likely not featured in the new 2007 catalogue, Ikea may have invented the greatest little plastic tool I have ever seen. It’s ingenious in its simplicity and sheer usefulness and while I’m amazed it’s taken this long to come up with such a great piece of engineering, I’m happy someone did. It saved my fingers this past weekend.

It looks like this:

Ikea Tool
Ikea’s genius shelving unit nail holder tool

What does it do you ask? Very simple. It holds those tiny finishing nails they give you to attach the back board to many of their pieces of furniture such as bookcases, cabinets and wardrobes. No more hitting your fingers with the hammer. No more crooked nails breaking through the back of the bookcase in the wrong spot. Perfect every time.

Thank you Ikea!

So say you…

Nope, had no idea about this, and yes, i hit my thumb numerous times even though i’m a ‘self-proclaimed’ expert particle-board furniture assembler, at least recently. So are things good with Dreamhost?

luxuryluke luxuryluke September 6, 2006

Back up and running. Although they restored my data, they missed…well, most of it. Luckily I was able to restore it all from a backup myself.

This hasn’t left me feeling overly impressed. I’m debating moving this site and maybe my others to another host as a result of the massive problems and downtime they’ve been having.

Scott Scott September 6, 2006

Those little plastic widgets are the best thing EVER! Whenever we buy Ikea stuff it makes me happy to put them together, just because these little things are so beautifully designed.

Meri Meri September 13, 2006

Yes! I have a couple of these from a few closets I gor from Ikea recently. Brilliant idea. No more hitting your thumb, or nailing things in crooked.

zachad zachad September 15, 2006

Yes - they’re excellent - I kept one from the last Ikea stuff we had, although unfortunately they seem pretty specific to the size of the wood the item they were shipped with

Ricky Moorhouse Ricky Moorhouse September 15, 2006

I didn’t have any problems using the ones that came with the massive wardrobes for assembling the Billy bookcases. Most Ikea parts seem to be pretty standard, or close-to anyway. I don’t imagine they ship massively different products to Canada vs the US or elsewhere.

Scott Scott September 15, 2006

YES! Finally someone else knows what I am on about. I have been extolling the virtues of this genius tool to all and sundry all of whom think I am completely nuts…. I really must get out more but nice to see you think it was great too.

Ivan Ivan September 18, 2006