Scott Boms

Holiday Remodelling

‘Tis the season and Wishingline has been working with new and existing clients to help remodel their sites, applications and identities. Some of these have gone live, others are coming soon.

Over the last few months we’ve worked again with Toronto Life, this time to help with the redesign of some secondary screens of the venerable lifestyle and entertainment site. The changes required reworking some of the template code developed earlier this year.

We’ve also been working with Sabre Airline Solutions developing a modern design framework to help unify their various applications and provide cohesive branding across the board. During this time we also completed identity projects for programmer/designer and writer Dan Benjamin, and user-experience designer Theresa Neil whom we’ve been working with since March on the FiveRuns project and whom we’re continuing to work with on other upcoming projects.

During September and October we collaboratively redesigned and produced HTML/CSS template code for Toronto-based e-retailer Glarkware and during November, we rebuilt Epireon Capital Investment’s website with clean, valid XHTML and CSS and with a touch of Microformats thrown in for good measure.

During all this we’ve also continued working with our friends in Austin, TX, FiveRuns, iterating through new screen designs, new functionality and other general improvements for their premier hosted application. I’d say we need a vacation, but we’re just getting warmed up.