Scott Boms

The Size Of Scrollbars In Windows XP

Am I missing something or are the scrollbars in the standard theme in Windows XP 1 pixel wider than those in Windows 2000 and Mac OS X? I haven’t had any luck in getting an answer via Google so I’m turning to you, my ever-so wonderful readers to point me in the right direction.

On the Mac and in Windows 2000, scrollbars are 16 pixels wide. In Windows XP they appear to be 17 pixels wide based on a quick CSS test I performed earlier tonight. This is incredibly annoying to say the least.

So say you…

I tried to program some scrollbars in windows xp, and I have no freaking idea on how to do that, just a random note. I could get them to display, but just so you know scroll bars are really difficult to code.

Nancy Nancy November 9, 2006

Yes. 17px. It boggles the mind. When I encountered this in the wild for the first time, I too was baffledâ?? and filled with hate.

Kevin Finlayson Kevin Finlayson November 9, 2006

What? You’re angry at Windows? Shocking!

I know, I know: sarcasm is a low form of humour.

Peter Flaschner Peter Flaschner November 9, 2006

Thanks Nancy and Kevin. Yeah, scrollbars are really ticking me off right now. They’re 17px wide in Vista too based on the screenshots I’ve looked at.

So much for pixel-precise layouts. Lousy IE, right Peter?

Scott Scott November 9, 2006