Scott Boms

…And Then There Were Two

Although we thought we had turned a corner last night following us receiving what seemed like the first real diagnosis of Newton’s recent illnesses, I’m incredibly sad to report that the little guy just didn’t have any strength left and passed away last night.

Emily and I are both pretty upset but are glad we were able to go visit him at the vet hospital one last time yesterday afternoon.

So say you…

Sorry to hear about this Scott. My condolences to you and family, it’s never easy to lose a good friend.

Jeff Smith Jeff Smith December 19, 2006

Aw shit!

Peter Flaschner Peter Flaschner December 19, 2006

I posted over at Flickr, but I just wanted to say it here too: This sucks and I’m really sorry to hear about Newton. Best wishes to you guys.

Garrett Garrett December 19, 2006

Very sad to hear. We lost a kitten this year (who looked a lot like a baby Newton) to FIP, and we were heartbroken.

Wilson Miner Wilson Miner December 20, 2006

Sorry to hear it. You’re in my thoughts.

Dave Dave December 20, 2006

Sorry to hear that - it’s funny how pets become such a part of a family, and sad when one has to leave. Best wishes for you all!

Steven Steven December 20, 2006

I’m sorry for your loss Scott. We lost my wife’s 2 year old Labrador in February and we’re still sad about it… we’re hoping our three cats will live forever. It’s hard having pets with life-expectancies so much shorter than our own!

Hans Hans December 20, 2006