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TextMate Shortcuts Desktop

After a long transition, I’ve officially made the move over to TextMate from BBEdit during the last 6 months or so as the amount of Rails development I’ve been doing has increased. In that time though I haven’t had much opportunity to really dig into some of power features or to really even get a handle on all the keyboard shortcuts which brings us to the impetus behind creating this desktop — to help improve my (and possibly others’) TextMate skills.

You can download the Desktop here in all it’s 1920 × 1200 glory. Sorry, I don’t plan on making smaller versions.

TextMate Cheatsheet desktop teaser
TextMate 1.0 cheatsheet desktop wallpaper


I changed my mind since there’s been enough interest that I’ve put together a smaller 1280 × 800 size version for MacBook users (myself included). You can grab the smaller version here and a new, updated large version here (with a correction suggested by Wolf Rentzsch).

Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

So say you…

I’m digging this, for now. I’ll probably keep it around until I force myself to use some of the commands and commit them to memory, but then I have to go back to my wallpaper with a bright blue sky, crystal clear water and a nice little tropical island. That always brightens up my day.

By the way, it looks pretty good on my MacBook Pro without resizing, but I might mess with it to increase the font size since it’s a little small.

Thanks again!

Patrick Haney Patrick Haney January 5, 2007

My 50 cents are to use a simple text file and screen it with the very practical GeekTool ( ) over any wallpaper.

Thomas Thomas January 5, 2007

Nice wallpaper - I love TextMate!

Mike Vitoroulis Mike Vitoroulis January 5, 2007

I think “Reformat Comment” should be control-Q?

rentzsch rentzsch January 5, 2007

Hey, do you think you could release the PSD for this? I code Java more often than Ruby or RoR, and it would be nice if I could edit it in the same style as it was created.

Lee Lee January 5, 2007

Sweet. Thanks for this.

Josh Josh January 6, 2007

Awesome desktop wallpaper. Dugg and loaded on to the second screen. Definitely a tip I’ll pass around to anyone using TextMate who has yet to memorize all the available shortcuts.

Derek Punsalan Derek Punsalan January 6, 2007

All — thx.

Lee — I’ll think about it. I decided last night that I’ll make a couple smaller versions of the desktop. At least one optimized for a MacBook.

Wolf — I’ll check that and update if I fudged the Reformat Comment command.

Scott Scott January 6, 2007

I’d love the psd for this as well…

Joost de Valk Joost de Valk January 6, 2007

Awesome. Got here via Digg. This is just as useful to those of us who’re developing in other languages, but it’d be great to have the PSD so that we could add our language-specific shortcuts.

Karl Karl January 7, 2007

Now, where is the Vi wallpaper?

spankbot spankbot January 7, 2007

Great idea. Would you mind making a 2560.1600 version?

DMW DMW January 7, 2007

I am a little confused about ‘typewriter’ - I do not see that in my version of TextMate

Marcus Ahnve Marcus Ahnve January 8, 2007

A PSD file would be nice, be great to update according to each persons own programming focus.

Koray Koray January 8, 2007

Here is a capture of keycue in case you want to update and complete the keybindings :

Frank Taillandier Frank Taillandier January 15, 2007