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Adobe Flash Player Icon Replacement for CS3

In releasing Creative Suite CS3, Adobe forgot, or for whatever reason decided not to update the Flash Player icons as part of the general installation thus adding one of a few rough edges around what is otherwise a pretty good software package (truly horrible and inconsistent software updaters aside).

FlashPlayer CS3 icons
Replacements for missing Adobe FlashPlayer CS3 icons

Although there are a number of different sets of replacement icons for the various Creative Suite applications to be found around the net, for myself at least, I prefer having something that blends in seamlessly with the originals, at least until Adobe releases a proper update (since we know they’ve designed the icon already). Therefore I took it into my own hands to put something together and have decided to share it.

Included are resources for the Mac OS X and Windows versions (sorry, no 512 px versions yet) along with 16, 32, 48 and 128px transparent PNGs. I will not be releasing the PSD source for this, so don’t bother asking. Thx.

Download the Adobe Flash Player icons

So say you…


They also forgot the icon for DNG Converter. ;)

Tobsen Tobsen July 5, 2007

Hey Tobsen - actually, they don’t seem to have shown what it “should” look like in any of the graphics or demos I’ve seen or found. I can speculate though.

If I find some time in the next few days I’ll try to put that together as well.Maybe I’ll fix the other CS3 icons that aren’t sized or positioned consistently too while I’m at it…

Scott Scott July 5, 2007