Scott Boms

iPhone Wallpapers (Set 1)

As an early Christmas present to whomever would like them, I’m offering up a set of free (as in beer) wallpaper photos produced specifically for the iPhone. These are taken from some of my favourite photos from my Flickr photostream over the last few years.

I’m calling this “Set 1” assuming that I’ll eventually do more.

Wishingline iPhone desktop wallpapers
A preview of a first set of iPhone lock screen wallpaper images

My only request is that they are not re-distributed (please link back to this entry instead) and any contained/embedded attributions remain intact.

Download the iPhone Wallpapers — Set 1 (544KB Zip File)

So say you…

It has become quite popular among a few bloggers to supply their own set of iPhone wallpapers and it’s good to see that you’ve joined the bandwagon so to speak. Nice collection!

Jorge Quinteros Jorge Quinteros December 17, 2007