Scott Boms


2007, now coming to a close has been a really good year. It’s also been a tough one on a number of levels and the culmination of many changes that have slowly been creeping up and wearing me down. The European vacation Emily, Gillian and I took back in September was a good start at getting away, taking care of myself, ignoring the business for a brief period and simply regaining the sense of being grounded, despite it since proving not to have been enough.

So, because I need to, and because I can, I’m taking a brief sabbatical through the remainder of December to the second week of January 2008. This means the office is closed. I will not be doing anything resembling client work, probably not answering e-mails (not promptly at least) and instead just doing whatever tickles my fancy at that particular moment.

Thanks to friends, family, clients for your support. Happy holidays to all of you and see you in ‘08!