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Looking for Designers

I hinted at this earlier (ok, I came right out and said it), but it’s now official and Wishingline Design Studio, Inc. is looking for a designer to come on board in our Toronto office. Although this position is initially on a contract basis, the right person will have the opportunity to move to full-time.

Good talent is hard to find as Greg so eloquently pointed out which is why our ideal candidate is perhaps a bit younger and looking to gain real, practical experience in both design and across a number of interesting technologies. In finding the right person, my hope is to do a little bit to help pick up the slack where our educational institutions may be going wrong in instructing students, particularly in how to design for the web. And for that design to be inclusive of all people.

You can read the condensed version of the job description and perks at Authentic Jobs.

So say you…

Good talent is indeed hard to find. At some point I even think my father was right. He used to tell me all the time:

Your generation was born with Color TVs, Cars and Movie Theaters, so I can’t expect you to value those things the way we did.

Most designers today have 3 of 4 years of experience in web so they don’t value or pay attention to the little things the way we did 10 years ago. To them, being able to set a specific font to a specific size and get the desire result, is a given. So I think that lead to a new generation of designers (and developers) who are less worried about details and consistency and more focused on learning the new version of the apps they use.

I don’t remember where I actually read it, but this quote stayed with me ever since:

The only thing new version of tools can do, is helping bad designers do uglier designers even faster than in the past

  • Grady Bosch

Juanma Juanma January 7, 2008

Your job post on Authentic jobs is listed as “anywhere” though the actual job description states “Toronto”. Just so you know.

Anywhere in Toronto Anywhere in Toronto January 7, 2008

I am aware of that. Unfortunately it’s a limitation of setting up a “freelance” position on Authentic Jobs. There’s no option to limit it to a particular city as you can with a Full-time position, hence the reason I specified that the position requires the person to be located in Toronto.

Scott Scott January 10, 2008

Oh how I wish I resided in Toronto. Wish you the best of luck with your search, Scott.

Christopher Welch Christopher Welch January 10, 2008

I’d love to move to Toronto…. I’ve heard it is a great city to live. If the full-time opportunity is real, maybe I’ll take the chance. :)

Jorge Epuñan Jorge Epuñan January 11, 2008

Good luck in your search Scott. Try placing some free beer near applications, sometimes that helps.

Greg Greg January 13, 2008

Thanks Greg. I’ve had quite a lot of responses after only a week and a couple potentials so far. We’ll see how it all plays out.

Scott Scott January 13, 2008