Scott Boms

Say Hello to “George”

Regularly scheduled publishing will return here sometime soon (there’s a lot to catch up on when that does happen), but until then, enjoy some new tunes courtesy of the first, as-yet unfinished mixes from the band kinda-sorta formerly known as The Darns, now going under the moniker “George”.

We spent two days at Sleepytown Sound in the east-end of Toronto this past weekend to begin recording an EP which will eventually be released in some form or another, possibly a limited run of vinyl.

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The songs here are unmixed, unbalanced and still in need of a few touch ups. That said, please enjoy. On behalf of Ed, Tom, Kevin and myself, we’d love to hear what you think of them, good or bad.

Bonus points if you can pick out what font that is in the logo ;-)

So say you…

Completely enjoyable, even in the currently “unfinished” state. And the typeface is ITC Lubalin Graph Bold with an alternate (or customized) cap ‘G’.

Grant Grant April 9, 2008

Thanks splorp!

Nice try on the font too, but it’s not ITC Lubalin Graph. Care to try again? Really I’m playing dirty because it is customized.

Scott Scott April 9, 2008

Good stuff - what are you playing?

The font looks a lot like Rockwell, except the ‘G’.

Matthew Pennell Matthew Pennell April 10, 2008

This is cool stuff, Scotty. I can’t wait for the album to drop at Tower Recâ?¦ er, on an iTunes near me! Congratulations on moving forward with this! Very cool! It appears to be a Helveticized and Futurized version of the Geometric Slab Serif series, probably the 712 variation, and probably by Bitstream, but can’t be sure. No, wait! An Avant Garde that’s been Rockwelled? Mathew’s right. There is some Rockwell in it.

Luke Dorny Luke Dorny April 11, 2008

@Matthew - Thank you sir! I’m making the racket in the back on the drums and percussion.

@Luke - Also, danke. Ding, ding, ding! It is actually a slightly modified and slab’d version of Avant Garde. Although everyone and their cousin seems to be using slab serif faces these days I somehow couldn’t stop myself. At least I can say I hacked one together and didn’t just use one as-is.

Scott Scott April 11, 2008

Nice logo.

Isn’t George already an established band?

george george April 11, 2008

I don’t think anyone did any serious Googling to see if there was another band out there called George, I think we just assumed there probably was, but really, it doesn’t matter all that much unless one of us happens to hit the bigtime.

Scott Scott April 11, 2008

/preps himself for roadie assignments on world tour!

Luke Dorny Luke Dorny April 11, 2008

george (lowercase) were/an australian band who are well worth checking out if you have the chance. Brother/Sister singing combination, both classically trained, and a bunch of fantastic musicians.

That being said, they have been on hiatus for about 5 years, so I’m sure the wouldn’t mind.

Jordan Gillman Jordan Gillman April 13, 2008