Scott Boms

Updating the Webkit CSS TextMate Bundle

Whenever there’s been a few spare moments since we first released our Webkit CSS bundle for for TextMate, we’ve been diligently making progress at adding the handful of missing Webkit CSS properties and making minor adjustments to the organization of the bundle contents.

More than that though, we’ve been working on implementing the ability for the bundle to be easily updated from within “TextMate”: textmate itself without having to restart the application. Today, we feel confident to say that it’s working properly although with a couple minor caveats.


In order to support auto-updating, and to get an initial build of the bundle itself, you’ll need to have Subversion installed somewhere on your system. The easiest way to get this is to install Apple’s Xcode developer tools or the iPhone SDK. Both are free downloads (and available on your Tiger/Leopard install DVDs).

The updater will do its best to locate the svn binary in order to perform updates, but if not found, will output a short error message.

The other caveat (we hope to eliminate or make easier to manage soon) is that the updater expects the bundle to be installed in the Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/ folder your home directory, though technically you should be able to install bundles for all users on your computer in the Library folder at the root of your drive.

Updater Usage Notes

Updating the bundle periodically is simple. Select ‘Webkit’ from the Bundles menu, and then the ‘Self-update bundle’ command which will do the rest.

Webkit CSS Bundle for TextMate
You can update the bundle directly within Textmate through the magic of version control

We’ve done a bit of testing in the wild on our own, but we’re of course interested to know if you’re using the bundle and run into any problems with the updater. Feel free to drop a note in the comments or file a bug on the project’s Google Code page.

So say you…

Just curious if you had a link to a downloadable file for this? Or should I just be grabbing this from the repository? A zip would be much appreciated, cheers!

Ryan Blaind Ryan Blaind July 23, 2008

I haven’t yet tried experimenting to see if a more easily downloadable version will still work with the updater. I suspect it will, but for now, your best bet is to check out the bundle via the Subversion repository.

Scott Scott July 24, 2008