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What’s On Your Desk?

Although not a meme (that I’m aware of), maybe it should be — here’s a look at my workspace at Wishingline HQ. I’m a notorious neat-freak, but I also like gadgets, figures and other trinkets to keep me interested, inspired and hopefully productive.

My desk at Wishingline
A look at my desk in the Wishingline office in sunny Leslieville

On my desk is:

  • iMac 24”
  • Apple iPhone 2g
  • Tim Hortons coffee and chocolate dip donut
  • Powell & Hyde Cable Car candy holder used for business cards
  • Robot pencil sharpener
  • Finger drums
  • Wacom Bamboo tablet with mouse and stylus
  • Stack of in-progress project folders
  • Moleskin notebooks
  • Field Notes notebook from AEA Boston
  • Set of Simpsons miniature figures
  • Simpsons trivia card game
  • Three sets of Tim Burton “Oyster Boy” figures
  • Bills, receipts and other miscellaneous paperwork
  • A copy of “Designers are Wankers” by Lee McCormack
  • Veer’s “I draw pictures all day” sketchbook which is used to house our crazy ideas (just out of frame)

What’s on your desk? Feel free to share if you’re so inclined by posting either a photo or a link in the comments. Photos should be sized to 523px wide by (ideally) a multiple of 9 or 18.

So say you…

Huh, I wish it was moderately affordable to purchase office furniture from Ikea and have it shipped to the Yukon. A basic desk ($200) can run upwards of $300 in shipping. That’s precisely why I had to choose a Staples desk that has too many drawers/features for my liking - not much selection here in the north.

Here’s a photo of my set-up

But on said desk, here’s what I’ve got:

  • 24” iMac next to a 22” HP monitor
  • Blackberry Pearl
  • Corner Gas coffee mug
  • Extra-wide sketchpad
  • Flex books
  • Red stapler from Office Space movie
  • Wedding photo
  • Cup of random pens and pencils
  • Finger-sized skateboard

geof geof August 11, 2008

My Desk supports the following:

  1. Two 21-inch Dell Wide Screen Monitors (one for laptop, one for desktop)
  2. Logitech X-530 Speakers
  3. My 17-inch Apple Laptop (running on first monitor)
  4. HP Photosmart D7460 (sporting an apple logo finish)
  5. LaCie 1Tb Ethernet Big Disk (not connected)
  6. LaCie 500Gb d2 Quadra HDD (itunes and backup)
  7. LaCie 500Gb Mobile HDD (extra misc storage)
  8. iPod Touch 16Gb
  9. Panasonic Auto Stop Pencil Sharpener
  10. Logitech G15 Wired Gaming Laptop
  11. Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
  12. Apple Bluetooth Wireless Mighty Mouse
  13. Logitech G7 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  14. Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver
  15. CoolIT Systems USB Beverage Cooler
  16. (not seen) Wacom Intuos 3 Graphics Tablet (w/ mouse and stylus)
  17. “Simply Javascript” by Kevin Yank & Cameron Adams
  18. Maximum PC September ‘08 Issue
  19. Wired Magazine Issue 16.01
  20. LG Voyager
  21. (atop sharpener) Piet Hein Drinkcooler
  22. Casio Exilim EX-Z55 Five MPxl Camera

Collin Banko Collin Banko August 12, 2008

Corporate policy forbids the providing a photo of anything within, on, or about the property. So…

  • 19in Widescrren ThinkVision (Lenovo) LCD
  • Lenovo Desktop
  • iPod Touch
  • Photos of kids
  • Pottery Barn Ocean Scented Oil
  • Avaya desk phone
  • Stacks of book on perl, linux, and security
  • Mac|Life magazine
  • Bed Bath and Beyond Placemat
  • Bodum 2 cup french press.
  • Bodum single cup french press
  • Bodum double walled glass coffe cup

Khürt Khürt August 13, 2008

Hey there. I feel inclined to reply myself.

First, a link:

And a list:

  • 24” iMac (4GB RAM)
  • 22” Samsung SyncMaster 226BW
  • Creative 5.1 Speakers (only using 3 of 6 speakers :/)
  • Uniden Phoneset
  • Civil Engineering Books
  • Amon Amarth poster (signed)
  • .223 cal rifle ammo
  • .50 cal rifle ammo
  • Staples ‘Easy’ button
  • ‘Cocoa Programming For Mac OSX’
  • ISP Provided cable modem
  • Linksys N Router
  • Stanley FatMax Tape Measure

Cory Collier Cory Collier August 13, 2008

@Geoff - D’oh! That sucks that shipping is so insane up there. Looks like a cozy setup though. It’s all about being comfortable and surrounding yourself in an environment that brings out the best in you. August 13, 2008

just an old notebook

sascha sascha August 14, 2008

Nice, clean set up. Almost as clean as mine.

And a list:

  • tons of junk
  • buried electronics
  • Franks RedHot August 22, 2008