Scott Boms

Fixing Gravatar Support in Movable Type

One of the small tasks I set out to accomplish as part of moving this site (and numerous others) over to Slicehost was to fix a few plugin-related problems and template logic that broke at some point, possibly due to Movable Type updates, other template changes or just insufficient testing.

Fixing Gravatar support in the Notebook was one such problem. There are a number of versions of the Gravatar plugin for Movable Type floating around on the internets, but all are outdated and as such, incompatible with version 4.x. So I set out to figure out why, and as it turned out, the fix was simple and straightforward.

The problem came down to this: the URLs being constructed by the plugin were wrong, likely due to the plugin being developed long before Gravatar’s 2.0 re-launch a couple years back and whatever changes were introduced as part of that. So for anyone else who’s run into this issue, or wants this functionality for their own site, hopefully this saves you a few gray hairs.

This updated version of MT-Gravatar is also available from the Movable Type Plugins site, and the necessary documentation can be found within the plugin itself.

Download MT-Gravatar 1.4 (4 KB Zip File)