Scott Boms

iPhone Wallpapers (Set 2)

It only took 9 months, but it seemed like a good time to put together a second set of free (as in beer) wallpaper photos produced specifically for the iPhone or iPod touch. These are taken from some of my favourite photos from my Flickr photostream over the last few months along with a few other unpublished photos.

A preview of a 2nd set of iPhone lock screen wallpaper images

As with Set 1, I ask that instead of redistributing the download, that people link back to this post.

Download the iPhone Wallpapers (442KB Zip File)

So say you…

These are even more phenomenal than the previous set!

Teevio Teevio September 8, 2008

Thanks Stephen! IĆ¢??ve got a few things that could make the cut of a third set. I keep thinking I need to put together a set that’s a bit less photo and a bit more “design”. Maybe Set #4…

Scott Scott September 10, 2008