Scott Boms


Now that Emily, Gillian, new baby brother Liam are all home, we’d all like to say thank you again to all our family, close friends and coworkers near and far for their well-wishes and congratulations on Liam’s birth on New Year’s Eve and throughout the last few days.

It all means a great deal, so thank you super nerds: @gordasm, @neilio, @robotjohnny, @jmcnally, @paulkyte, @fyang, @gmacgregor, @saila, ButterLabel, LL&S and former Wishingline co-conspirators: @luxuryluke, @splorp, @carywood, @mrwarren, @annamazon, @theinterned, and internet friends, peers, clients and all around awesome people: @sugarfreejones, @SharaK, @slowtron, @derekbalmer, @simplebits, @adactio, @feather, @nicepaul, @ktamura, @orderedlist, @drinkerthinker, @tiffehr, @mezzoblue, @TheAdnostic, @greghoyboy, @pws, @kenschafer, @jeffsmith, @renaud, @nathanborror, @vpieters, @mrs_hicks, @gleyseele, , @thedoeeyes, @kfinlayson, @danielseaman, @stickel, @louderthan10, @joshualane, @KuraFire, @breppy, @briandelicata, @kellysims, @katanma, @mattbrett, @soopa, @retodd, @adarowski, @dcharrison, @geoperdis, @andrewdotcom, @mintchaos, and @jaygoldman. Yes, even you too @kennymeyers. Jerk.

Needless to say it was one New Year’s Eve we won’t soon forget.