Scott Boms


This coming Saturday, May 15th is the second annual BookCamp Toronto unconference. As one might expect, as someone who’ll be speaking at said event, I’ll be talking books — but not alone. I’m lucky to be sharing the desk/podium/stage/whatever with my friend Joe Clark to pontificate specifically about electronic books, publishing models and everything that’s right, but perhaps more importantly about what’s wrong in those worlds with a particular focus on independent publishing.

BookCamp Toronto logo

The event is being held at the University of Toronto iSchool, which is appropriate given the timing and content of my portion which will be both relevant to the institution itself (and/or may tick some people off in the process) as well as recent exhibitions from the Scotiabank Contact Photography festival. Our session will be at 2pm in room #2 in case you were wondering.

During my bit, I’ll be making the official public announcement about a couple projects that will be occupying a significant portion of my time throughout the next year or so.

One of these has been in the works for some time, but the stars have finally aligned to do something about it. The other one might ruffle a few feathers at U of T. Enough about that for now. I’m sure there’ll be more to say in a few days time.

BookCamp 2010 is sold out but there’s still a waiting list up at EventBrite if you’re interested in attending. I haven’t done this type of public speaking in a long time — it’s not quite the same as design presentations to clients, so if you’ll be in attendance, please be gentle with me.