Scott Boms


The last couple weeks have been a bit of an unexpectedly wild ride for Grant, Luke and I after our “Typographic Anatomy Lesson Plan” print was showcased on the always inspiring Under Consideration FPO (For Print Only) site, promptly followed by an unexpected appearance as the Infographic of the Day on Fast Company’s Design site.

Had I not been so damn occupied with other things until now, I would have written something about this all sooner, a few tweets notwithstanding.

Sites that have featured the Ligature, Loop and Stem Typographic Anatomy Lesson Plan print
Sites that have recently featured the LL&S Typographic Lesson Plan print

It’s all a bit funny since this has come long enough after the prints sold out and were shipped off to anxious recipients around the world; but it’s forced us to start considering whether we should, or want to produce a new edition. If a new edition was to be created, it would have to be significantly different and would definitely not be a simple reprint.

Given the deluge of emails I’ve received requesting either more copies of the existing “Lesson Plan” or a second edition — we’re not making any promises at this point, but it’s on the table. It’s likely we’ll have one or two other things that’ll come before either way.

Late last week, Armin Vit, who runs Under Consideration with his wife Bryony Gomez-Palacio, shared a little statistical nugget that just floored me:

Just thought you would like to know that this poster has been one of our most popular posts all year. Doubled the traffic. Just in case you were thinking about reprinting, there is clearly appreciation for it!

Wow. What else can I say? I’m humbled more than I can find the words for.

So — if you’re interested in finding out exactly when something new from LL&S will drop (before the world at large; along with a possible discount code), then I suggest signing up for our newly minted email list. We’re going to be very judicious about sending people email because we all get more than enough as it is.