Scott Boms

Rearview Mirror

For the last several weeks and months during whatever time I’ve been able to carve out, I’ve been absorbing the life and times of Marshall McLuhan and photographing books, several of his personal possessions such as one of his hats and his Order of Canada medal.

Marshall McLuhan at the CBC - Photo by Henri Dauman, Life Magazine
Photo by Henri Dauman / The Estate of Marshall McLuhan/Life Magazine

Today I took temporary possession of a box of amazing, almost entirely never-before-seen photos of Marshall. I say almost since a few are alternates of already well-known shots. The photos, such as the one shown above, taken at the CBC on January 27th, 1966 are expected to be a part of the significant design effort I’m leading to update the official McLuhan Estate website, the first phase of which will launch in early 2011 to coincide with celebrations surrounding his centenary.