Scott Boms

iAd Wireframing Stencils

Yesterday I finished up some work on a little pet project I started via the day job back in December ‘10 just before the holidays. Apple had recently released iAd Producer and after spending a bit of time tinkering with it, I thought it would be a fun little project (read: distraction), but potentially useful down the line for myself or others, to produce a set of wireframe objects based on the iAd platform and some of the default widgets and templates included in the iAd Producer software to make designing iAds — from an experience point of view, just a little bit easier.

iAd Wireframe Stencils
Preview of the iAd Wireframe stencils for OmniGraffle

We announced the publication of version 1.0 yesterday and for good measure, I’m mirroring access to the work here. You can download it right now even.

Download the iAd Wireframe Stencils (11.1 MB zip)

The stencils/templates come in two flavours currently — either OmniGraffle and Adobe Illustrator for your wireframing and experience planning pleasure.

If you find them useful, I’d love to know. Same goes for any improvement suggestions, additional elements worth including, etc. For example, is it worth creating a complementary iPad-sized version of these now that iAds have started to be opened up on that platform as well?