Scott Boms

Always Read The Manual

Kickstarter, launched in 2009, has proven to be a goldmine of interesting projects, and has introduced what I consider a great way to assist passionate people do and create the things that fuel that passion; to help them produce things that might otherwise be out of the realm of possibility, mostly for financial reasons.

This morning saw one of those great projects, The Manual, achieve it’s funding goal. The same day it launched and without hesitation, I backed the project, knowing Andy McMillian, the fine chap at the helm would be producing something wonderful and of lasting value. And while the project has now achieved it’s initial funding goal, there’s still time to get on board yourself.

Don’t already know what the project is about? Andy and his crack production team (editor, good friend, and LL&S co-conspiritor, Carolyn Wood along with designer/illustrator Jez Burrows) have this to say:

The Manual is a new limited-run print magazine that takes a fresh look at design on the web. Published three times a year — with the first issue due this summer — each issue will have six substantial, beautifully illustrated feature articles, along with several additional pages of rich material.

The thing is — it won’t be just another design magazine. My sense is that it will feel like something different altogether. That’s exciting in itself. That each curated issue will be produced as a hardcover book, intended to deliberately look good and belong on your bookshelf is another. It’ll be something you’ll want to show off.

Find out more about The Manual and help push it further over it’s goal at Kickstarter.