Scott Boms


I was hopeful that Yahoo! selling off Delicious to the former founders of YouTube would be a smooth transition and that whatever they had planned to reinvigorate the service would pay off (reasonably) quickly. Now that the initial switch is complete — I’m not so sure.

Perhaps it was just a matter of time before I came to my senses, but I have, and last night I quickly (and painlessly) made the jump over to Pinboard.

While I plan on keep my old Delicious account active, it’s reached the end of the line and I need to find a way to flag it as inactive. In the meantime though, the Elsewhere links that either linked out to Delicious or pulled data from there have already been transitioned over to use Pinboard instead. Easy peasy. You did know that’s what all that was about right?

And of course that just reminded me of the one thing I did forget to switch. Be right back…