Scott Boms


It’s typically a challenge to get me to talk politics. But it’s that time again where the single most significant election is upon us, and while I can’t vote (you know, being a Canadian living in the US), the outcome matters. It matters to me, to Canada, to the world. And just because I can’t vote, it doesn’t mean I can’t encourage you to.


I have a hard time believing that people have really fooled themselves into thinking that any elected official can really act on everything they’d like to in such a short period of time. Given the complexity of the political machine, nothing is simple and four years is not a long time. Little ever happens overnight.

While my instincts tell me I probably don’t need to do anything to encourage my US friends, I hope they all exercise their voting rights and give Obama (the guy I would vote for if I could) another four years to continue the process of turning around the mess he was left.

/End political commentary