Scott Boms


A couple weeks back I was lucky enough to have a chance to spend a few minutes with architect Frank Gehry who was visiting Facebook to talk to employees about the new building he designed for us and which is scheduled to open at the end of March.

Meeting architect Frank Gehry

Needless to say this was a career highlight. Equally too has been the opportunity to work with both our internal team and the team from Gehry Partners on the new building itself.

The lack of posting anything here has largely the result of my being neck deep developing and evolving signage and design systems for the new building along with a myriad of other related projects. Never a dull moment. Or apparently a lull.

Although I’d like to write more, what I’ve come to recognize is that making other things has been a much larger priority for me. But I do think I finally have a reasonable plan that will make the long-overdue process of re-imagining this site not just manageable but also more likely than it’s been the last few years.

Of course, anytime I actually try to plan something like that, things have a way of going completely off the rails so… my mileage may vary.