Scott Boms

In Residence

The first in an ongoing series of mini films showcasing some of the amazing designers I get to work with in the Analog Lab. This was fun to work on.

Posted by Facebook Analog Research Laboratory on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The end of 2017 saw a reboot of the Designer in Residence program we started in the Analog Lab at the beginning of 2016 but with a new twists — we opened the program beyond its roots in California to our New York and Dublin studios.

Along with extending the reach of this unique invitation-only program, we’ve restructured and simplified how it works to allow us to do things we’ve been unable to do previously such as producing a series of short films to document the work and process of the designers we invite into the Analog Lab.

This video of Ryan Floyd Johnson is the first in the series which will be released monthly throughout the year with Kaye Blegvad in March and Trevor Finnegan in April.