Scott Boms

An Impossible Song

In early December I spent a few days in Europe — in Vienna and Berlin specifically. I was there as part of a documentary film which at this point is known as “An Impossible Project” though I’m not sure if that’s what the film will ultimately be called when it’s released.

I was there representing the Analog Lab along with Florian “Doc” Kaps, who founded the Impossible Project, now Polaroid Originals. Although Doc is no longer involved, he’s moved on to new ventures under the Supersense name including rescuing a Linotype machine and giving a second chance to peel-apart pack film and a lot more. He’s an inspiring guy and I’m very lucky to call him a friend now after working with him and director Jens Meurer for the better part of a year to make possible the reason I was there in Vienna.

Although I could go on about the details of that weekend, instead, I want to share a bit of an unexpected result of the trip: a music video.

The song, an original by American singer/songwriter Haley Reinhart, was one of several recorded for the film’s soundtrack at Sudbahnhotel about 45 minutes outside Vienna in Semmering. Hayley is backed by a 42-piece orchestra conducted by Sascha Peres. The songs were recorded live to vinyl and tape and the footage in the video was all captured to 35mm film. It’s a real analog affair, hence one clue to our involvement.

There’s more coming. Stay tuned.