Scott Boms


As of May 10th at 5pm I’ve been on sabbatical. Technically today is Day 4 (not counting the past weekend). After more than seven years in the Facebook and Analog Research Lab maelstrom, it was time for a real break.

Handwritten Sabbatical TODOs List

I’m generally not all that interested in many of the so-called perks Silicon Valley companies offer. I tried the dry cleaning once and they lost 50% of my stuff. But this is a valuable one. A meaningful one. Especially for someone who’s ran the gamut of burnout before. I wish it hadn’t taken me two extra years past the five it takes to earn the break, but here we are. Better late than never and really right on cue.

So from now until June 17th, I’m fortune to have very little to do. My TODO list is a bit in jest, but if the damn weather would cooperate, I would like to be out on my bike for at least a couple hours every day. The rest is mostly negotiable.